Schoenoplectus juncoides ( Roxb. ) Palla - CYPERACEAE - Monocotyledon

Basionym : Scirpus juncoides Roxb.

Common name : hard-stemmed bullrush, turdwort.

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Botany Biology Phenology Ecology

Botany :

Description : Terrestrial, annual, tufted or prostrate herb. Roots fibrous, white or brown. Stem erect, rounded, solid, glabrous. Stipules absent. Leaves simple, not lobed or divided, alternate spiral, sessile, linear, less than 2 cm long/wide, margin entire, apex acute, base clasping, parallel-veined. Leaf sheath present, rounded, Flowers bisexual, grouped together in a terminal head, sessile, green or brown, petals absent. Fruit a nut.

Biology :

Reproduction by seeds.

Phenology :

Flowering November to March.

Ecology :

In open wet localities, swamps, river banks and inundated rice fields.

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